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Mirdita General Info

Mirdita occupies a special place in opportunities for development of mountain tourism. Increasing tendency of tourists, domestic and foreign, to select mount makes as a true tourist destination, makes Mirdita very interesting tourist point. Mirdita has a rugged terrain of the heights from 80 to 2000 meters with the most breathtaking mountains crown, with two major rivers, Small Fani and Big Fani that can pull all those passionate about fishing. The Tourists will begin visiting Mirdita with Mati Bridge, Valley of Fani, the Rubik monumental Church, will be attended throughout the region with the biggest cathedral in Albania, with Rreshen, Geziq and will continue through the valley of the highway of Rreshen and then The Accursed Mountains climbing through picturesque mountain Orosh and the Holy One coming up in the village Nenshenjt etc. 

The mountains of Kaçinari

It is generally a flat mountain in two large areas, large Laja and small Laja. Water resources of these mountains make ideal picnic and walking group alternatives.


Gorge caves of Vali

There are four caves, it Neziri, the Keputes, the pigeons and Vali, located between the villages Eper pearls, Lufaj, Laçbruç. All caves are formed in limestone rocks as a result of karst erosion. Composed by different forms. Early residents used to be inhabited, even the signs can be found to certify that this thesis. Today are home to birds and wildlife, as the cave of Pellumbave that is their shelter.

Shuterria source

It is a powerful source of underground water, and is located between Kurbneshi and  Merkurthi. In land area, is a deep pit about 30 meters, which enables reduction in passes of water.

Oak-trees of Marpepaj

There are 12 trees  on a hill in a small bank of Fanny, in Mashterkore.


Kaçinari plane-tree

Çinari or Rrapi, is a monumental natural tree, with an age in Italy, but very early, so that the country believed that the name derives from it. Çinarit is near of the church, also very old one. The Plane-tree is a very rare natural monument. 

The tableland of Valmori 

Situated in the mountains southwest of Lura. It is located near the stream and river Urakes Sleep. Immediate establishment of the river gives a special charm. On the road will also face such as karst caves of Fatmir in Valmore and snow in Didhe, where theow is present even in summer. 


The White Spring

Situated between the mountain and Kunores Didhes. The water of this spring has curative value as rare as a healing influence of some diseases, such as those of larynx, stomach, kidney, thyroid, etc.. Is also very attractive tourist environment and ecological tourism to this point. Recommended by hundreds of tourists.


Gurra is the biggest and most important in Mirdite that comes on top of a white rock. Located to the right of small Fani River.. Zeta height of the mountain from which it derives adds beauty and greatness of this flow.

Mountains of Orosh mentioned as the most beautiful in Mirdite.Oroshi is an important name of history and culture of ancient Shqiptare.Fshati mentioned as the core of creating the Mirdita region.

The tourists staying in the village Nenshenjt can visit all the villages as throat Orosh, Lgjin, Mashterkore, Bulshare, Ndershene, Lajthize, etc. These villages are located in a mountainous and rugged terrain of the more beautiful and suitable for different sports such as skiing, walking, hunting, etc. 

Nenshenjti has been, perhaps, the picturesque village of Mirdita and certainly among the beauties of Shqiperise. In this village you will find, besides the clear air, a warm welcome  by the residents of the area.               

Water resources are scarce and very healthy, which are numerous in Nenshenjt.Bio foods and traditional drinks Mirdita tourists can enjoy during the entire period that will stay in this inn.Tourists can practice climbing the Mount and other saint yet. Tourists can visit the characteristic towers that Nenshenjtit Mirdita not missing.

There were  six trees of this kind  but now only one is survived, can have an age of 900 years. These seedlings were brought from Italy by Benedictine monkery,  country of which have received the name.

Areas of the valley is another tourist spot where tourists can have fun, some areas are more suitable for jogging and other games that rise up football. Mountain’s sides are more suitable during the winter season for skiing and hunting.

The cave of the Ice

The ice cave is a place to explore, where ice and snow that are located within the due during all seasons of the year have given the name of the ice.