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Hotel Frojd


In the shore of the sea, where the song of the waves and the sea breeze sweeten your days. There is Frojd, Hotel the new magic of Albanian tourism. A premise with modern architecture, equipped with everything you need to make real the holiday that you have dreamed of.

Accommodation in luxurious rooms and suits, will make your staying more relaxable.

A quality cuisine that is made possible by an Italian chef. Delicious dishes with fresh products. Quality wines, wonderful cocktails, and variety of deserts and sweets. Going up in the restaurant it’s a pleasure, because it’s made possible by a panoramic elevator that is in the function of this restaurant. A short trip that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful panorama.


Other services: Live music, playground for the kids, rides in the sea with motorboats and visits in the historical centers. Motorboat ride, for all the vacationers, in the deep waters of Adriatic sea.




Afër Portit Shëngjin, Lezhë. Tel: +355 68 20 25504