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Lura National Park


National Park of “LURA”

Is situated on the region of Dibra, with a surface of 1.280 hectares, in the eastern side of the mountain massive of “ Kunora e Lures”. Its 14 icy lakes offer picturesque and attractive environments at an altitude of 1.350-1.720 m. Among the many lakes the one that stand out are the Big Lake 32 hectares, Lake of Pines 13 hectares, Black Lake 8 hectares and Lake of Flowers 4 hectares. In winter these lakes freeze. In the southern part of the park there is a meadow called “Field of Mares” which offers a relaxing view. 


Climatic conditions

Fresh summer and cold snowy winter, which offer possibility to enjoy amazing panoramas during all the year.


Flora and  Fauna

Its vegetation is miscellaneous with multi-color flowers and full of coniferous trees. This park offers various possibilities for developing eco-tourism, winter sports, equitation, horse riding etc. The park is the growing place of the brown bear, wolf, red fox, rabbit, eagle etc.


Sport and activities

Mostly you can walk among the wonderful nature, make excursions and exercise different sports as hunting  during the season), climbing, trekking, riding horses etc. The camping is another pleasure but you

have to be informed about the right places.


What to visit

The outfall of Mall Lura. Is situated in the middle of the valley with the same name, 380 m on the sea level. Can bee visit going to the road Peshkopi-Fushe Lure. The moraines of Fushë-Lura. Are long 1,3 km and have many values. Can bee visited going to the road Peshkopi-Fushë Lurë. The circus of Lura Crown. Is situated in the mountain with the same name, 1380 m on the sea level. It’s a glacial circus in the form of

chesterfield on the magmatic rocks, long 900 m and wide 350 m.

Can bee visit going to the road Peshkopi-Fushë Lurë. Rrëshen-Fushë Lurë The field of mares (Fusha e Pelave). It’s a glacial circus, covered before from the lake (now desapeared), 1580 m on the sea level.

Its pasture is very preferable from the mares and has an amazing beauty. Can bee visit going to the road Peshkopi-Fushë Lurë.


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