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Germenj-Shelegur Leskovik


Kolonja lies at the Central South Highland, at the southern part of it. The area of Kolonja is rich in natural resources with considerable tourist potentials. Mention can be made of the natural riches of Germenj-Shelegur, the thermal zone of Vormoner and the sulphuric gases of Postenan. The area is mainly agricultural and stock raising. Among gricultural plants mention can be made of wheat, vegetables and fruit tress (apples, plumbs, nuts, cherries, 

vines, etc.,) The area is famous for the tomatoes of Sanjolas, the cherries of Poda, the grapes, vines and raki of Leskoviku. The area of Kolonja, spreading over 80 thousand ha, is part of the Region of Korca. It possesses forest area at the size of 35 thousand ha, pasture area at 22 thousand ha, a game hunting area at 40 thousand ha available for hunting and an additional area of wild animals and birds measuring 26 ha where hunting is prohibited. 

The town of Erseka is the capital of the region, part of Korça county. It is situated in the southeastern part of Albania 


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