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Albanian Map







Devolli General Info

Devoll District lies on the southeastern edge  in Albania. It borders in the northwestern part with district of Korca , through the heights that go down to the Small Prespa Lake. On the western side of the valley lies the backbone of Morava mountain, which is the longest border which divides Devoll with the administrative district of Korca. The waters to the eastern side belong to the district of Devoll, while the western ones belog to Korca. In the southwest lies the district of Kolonjawhich is  bordered through the slope  Gramoz mountain in the northeastern side, to southeast, east and northeast borders with Greece, along a border line of 83 km, where the heights rise over Nikolica, Rakicka, up to heights of Llapashtica. Through the gorge Cangonjit is linked with the area of Korca.
The southeastern part of the district of Devoll, is hilly relief. The northern part is flat and belongs to  Bilisht field, which is bordered in depth with a height of over 1000 m. In the east, is Kapshtica Gorge through which passes the way to Florina, Greece. Devoll has a municipality, 4 communes and 46 villages.

Geographical position

The average height of Devoll District is 1380 m above sea level. The Devoll hollow average height is about 900 m above sea level, surrounded by mountains and hills, covered with shrubs and forests, as coniferous and deciduous. On the west side lie Morava heights, with 1806 m. On the eastern side rise the Vojskovari heights with 1537 m, , Ruka
1234 m, Pnashovecit 1443 m. On the northside rise the heights of the mountains of Goliku 1326 m, the mountain of Qafashtica,1494 m.  From the south rise the heights of mountains Paçrova 1148 m, Bido 1314 m, Kruki 1463 m.


The climate is of continental character, warm in summer and cold in winter, but very healthy. The temperature fluctuation is small. The coldest month is January with average temperature long o, 4 degrees C, while the warmest is  August with 20.6 degrees.

Flora and fauna

The Flora of Devoll district is represented by trees such as beech, oak, pine, etc.. Fauna is rich with animals like wolf, fox, deer, wild boar etc.

The natural beauties

Devolli is surrounded by hills and mountains quite green, which occupies the main place of the Morava picturesque mountain, the forest with numerous water sources. Beautiful tourist places are the natural reserves: the Cangonji and Poloska, the beech-tree forest of  of Bradvica, St. Kostandini etc. These countries are known for its diversity of flora and fauna, which creates potential tourist possibilities for the area.


The natural monuments

The  Cave Treni. In the Gorge of the Wolf (Gryka e Ujkut, Small Prespa). Recognized also as Skordileva’s Cave. There are corridors, halls water ponds, but no microforms. It is a human neolithic settlement. There are bat colonies. Korçë or Bilisht-Tren itinerary.
Zombie stones In Tren.  Found near the village of Tren. There are limestone groups of stones 4-5 m high, designed by karst and wind in the shape of zombie. Korçë or Bilisht-Tren itinerary.

The Bear’s stone. Eçmenik, Miras. It's is a micro-conglomerate rock with caves, where the bear had location. Bilisht-Eçmenik itinerary.


The Beech forest of St. Kostandini.
The Forest of St. Thanasit, Bradivicë.
The Oak-tree of Dobrogova, Arrëz.
The Beech forest of Bradvica.
The fir-tree of Vishnja.